Muddy Morning Coffee – May 24th

Well, it isn’t Monday,but it surely still feels like it. It’s pretty much been raining non-stop for two weeks and put a halt to a few of our plans. Hopefully, we will be graced with sunshine for Memorial Day Weekend – no one likes a rainy Memorial Day Weekend.

Either way, rainy days can be good too! Catching up on sleep, reading a good book, or “actually” cleaning (which you should have done months ago)┬áthat waterfowling piece you have rusting in the closet.

Nevertheless, we still managed to get out and shoot some clays and tend to our business here at the farm. Trees are planted, fields are tended to, and the trap houses loaded up again. Despite all the rain and muck, it truly is starting to feel like spring.

We also finally got around to shooting the Savage Model 24V and that will hopefully go up soon as our first Guns & Ammo post – which we are quite excited about.









One Comment on “Muddy Morning Coffee – May 24th

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