Savage Model 24v: A Versatile Field Gun

As mentioned last week, we finally got around to shooting the Model 24 – photographically and literally. This neat little gun is capable of chasing deer, small game, and game birds – at the same time. Chambered in .357 Magnum and 20 Gauge, it packs a lot of punch in the versatility arena.

A lot of people have asked me where I got this weird little gun. I tell them;

“I just got lucky – I guess.”

It had been sitting at a local gun shop and I was in the market for a used 20 gauge that I could take around the farm. One of the guys there told me they didn’t have any 20s, but there was this weird .357 combo rifle that had a 20 gauge attached to it.

Out of curiosity, I told him to just bring it out so I could see it.I really had no intention of buying it, but that’s always how it goes right?

A few months later, I cracked it open at the farm, threw in a shell and pulled the trigger. As the clay shattered, I looked back with a smile and gave my buddies a “Holy crap” look.

The Savage Model 24 is quite the gun…

General Information

Combination guns were initially issued as survival guns for downed airmen in the military. The M6 US Air Crew Survival Weapon, issued in the late 1950s, was one of these combination guns manufactured by the Ithaca Gun Company. The M6 featured a 22 hornet over a 410,a bare bones all-metal construction, and was later implemented into a civilian version by Springfield Armory known as the M6 Scout. Savage, along with the Model 24, recently released it’s Model 42 as an updated version of the 24.


The M6 Air Crew Survival Gun (Google)

As you can see, combination guns morphed out of survival guns that have proven their capabilities in the field for decades.

With that being said, I guess you could call the Model 24 a more “luxurious” and “furnished” version of it’s forefathers. For more information on these awesome guns you can head over to and

Field Shots






Detail Shots

Vintage Ads & Diagrams

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