Muddy Morning Coffee – June 6th

It seems like summer came early this year and things have been pretty busy here. The farm gets up and running, work gets crazy, and the family calendars start to fill up with baptisms and barbecues. I find myself gunning from one place to another and then splitting myself in five pieces to be everywhere at once. Sitting here this morning, I came to realize that having places to be and people to see is never a bad thing. People may call this “stress”, but I don’t like to see it that way.

Stressing about getting to a barbecue, seeing your mother, or going to meet a new client is not the end of the world.I constantly try to remind myself that there are people out there in the universe that wake up every day to bigger problems than I ever will.


Here in the city, it has become very common to label one’s success and importance by the amount of “stress” one has. This past weekend, I decided to finally write about a trip that I took a few years ago where the people I met completely changed my outlook on one’s worldly problems and “stress”.

When I traveled to Patagonia and Chilean Antarctica, my problems were whittled down to the most basic life essentials. I realized how greatly my views on living life contrasted with how life should be lived.¬†Hopefully, I will be able to go through the 5670 images taken down there and be able to write a few entries on my month in Patagonia. It’s funny, that this trip happened two years ago, yet it wasn’t until now that I actually got to reflect on it myself.




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