Muddy Morning Coffee – August 24th

It seems like time and summer have flown by since the last post. Before I knew it, the temperatures were already dropping in Maryland and glimmers of fall show up here and there.

We’ve been away exploring another country and I have to say that it will take a lot of time to go through all the incredible pictures. However, I truly feel that the powerful stories of the people and the land will make it all worthwhile.

What started as a simple vacation in the Dominican Republic, turned out to be a humbling and solemn experience on the other side of tourism.

Beyond the walls and facade of sprawling five-star hotels and the sea of entitled foreigners, lies a beautiful country with much more to offer than all-inclusive beach resorts and endless pina coladas.

The individuals that I met and had the honor of conversing with have stuck in my mind and soul long after I departed from its shores.

A fisherman and his sons that yearn to go home, families of sugar cane plantation workers,and a successful tour guide who started as a dishwasher, it seemed like everyone that I met had quite the story to tell.

It is my hope that in the next few weeks, leading up to the hunting seasons, that I tell these stories. Not only to share them with you, but to remind myself to stay humble, work hard, and give thanks to every thing I have in my life.

Below is a little peek at a few images taken along the way…

Men Going to Work

Workers pile into a Daihatsu truck headed to a construction site.

Meat Hanging

Hanging meat at the local butcher shop.

Lady in Palm Trees

A woman walks among the palm trees.

Piggy Hang

Roadside restaurant specializing in roast pig.

Muddy-Morning-Coffee-Aug 24-2

ATVs are a favorite mode of transportation around the island.

Muddy-Morning-Coffee-Aug 24-3

A fresh Cacao pod waiting to ripen.

Muddy-Morning-Coffee-Aug 24-4

Coffee beans being hand ground along with different spices.

Muddy-Morning-Coffee-Aug 24-5

Discarded coconut husks after their meat has been extracted for coconut oil.

Muddy-Morning-Coffee-Aug 24-1

Musicians traveling by motorcycle to their next gig.


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