Muddy Morning Coffee – September 27th

Fall is now officially here and the first few hunting seasons have opened! It seemed like summer just flew by!

As the leaves fall and the weather gets colder, ┬áit is absolutely our favorite time of the year. Halloween, fresh harvest coming off the farms, bonfires, and of course – hunting season.

Ducks cupping into the spreads, the sound of deer quietly making its way through the forest, and the thundering of flushing upland game. What isn’t there to like about fall?

In the next coming weeks and through the season, we’ll be working on a couple of new post! We’re extremely excited to be reviewing new gear and cooking up new things in the kitchen with our hard-earned game.

Gear Reviews:

  • Alps OutdoorZ: Big Bear X Pack
  • Alps OutdoorZ: Upland Game Vest X
  • Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool


  • Blueberry Braised Chukar
  • Spicy Squirrel Stew


  • Stoeger Uplander: A Cheap Side-by-Side?

Hunting & Lifestyle:

  • The Forgotten Joys of a .22
  • Duck Hunting the Eastern Shore

We hope you are looking forward to the next couple of post!










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