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Gear Review: Benchmade – Saddle Mountain Knife

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We got our hands on a Benchmade knife from their Hunter Series and it’s pretty awesome.

This isn’t a full-blown gear review like I usually do because quite honestly – it’s a knife. A Benchmade knife. These knives have time and time again proven that they are worth every single penny shelled out for it. A person buying a Benchmade knife usually does so without a question to its quality, design, nor manufacturing – they’re that good.

A knife has one ultimate purpose – to cut. If a knife can’t do that, well then we don’t recommend it. There’s a lot of knives out there and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. However, one thing that sets them apart is achieving that one purpose – over and over again.

Now, there are some knife connoisseurs out there that will probably start a storm over these comments and opinions, but hey it’s a free country!

To me, if a knife can sustain itself through multiple years of abuse, use, drops and scratches – I give it a thumbs up.

I haven’t had this knife that long, but after a season of use and being dragged around, I think it’ll find itself into my a pack every trip.

For $150.00 – I think it’s a great buy, not to mention a beautiful knife.

Check it out here












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