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Rick Hutton


Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania and being raised in a family where hunting and fishing was heritage it was no surprise that Rick became very involved in the outdoors at a young age.

Time spent reading tales about mountain men, flipping through the pages of outdoor life magazine, camping and hiking with his boy scout troop eventually lead into many hours afield hunting with with his father and uncle.

Those moments hunting and fishing with them sparked his passion and dedication to the outdoors. This passion and dedication eventually led Rick to pursue degrees in Forest Management.

During the pursuit of his degrees, social events and even schoolwork, rarely took precedence over hunting and fishing. That vigorous devotion to the sport ultimately led him to his best friend and hunting partner, Seth Morris.

After earning his degree in Forest Management, Rick joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve serving as an infantryman while also working as a private lands habitat forester for Pheasants Forever in central Pennsylvania.

Eventually in 2015, Rick and Seth hatched a plan to move to “Big Sky Country” and live the great western adventures they had always dreamed about since their childhoods. In May of 2016, that dream became a reality when they moved from Pennsylvania to Helena, Montana.

There is rarely a weekend that Rick is not out on the rivers with rod in hand or up in the mountains pursuing game – always with a camera in hand.

Rick currently works for the U.S. Forest Service, but lives for the weekends and the adventures the west has to offer.

Read about Rick & Seth’s adventures here!




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