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Muddy Morning Coffee: 5/22/17

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Project Upland: 2017 Short Film Trailer

If you haven’t heard of Project Upland or have not seen any of their short films yet – it’s well worth your time. Project Upland is definitely taking upland hunting storytelling to the next level. We thoroughly enjoy their work and watch them over and over again when we have the itch for fall to get here! 


Lucky journalist’s GoPro Deflects a Sniper’s Bullet

This is definitely not in the realm of hunting or outdoor photography, but we thought this was pretty mind-blowing regardless. Check out the video – it’s definitely a “holy [insert choice word here] kind of moment.


Cameron Hanes has always been at the fore-front of hunting, fitness, and overall outdoorsmanship. As an athlete of this sport, we find that he is role model to many aspiring hunters.

Cameron Hanes is one of the most well known back country bowhunters. (@cameronhanes)

Recently, Cam received a pretty serious, if not straight forward, death threat on his social media channel. As the image has explicit language, we’ve decided not to post it here, but click the link above to see the message that Cam received.

Below was Cam’s response.

“So tolerate and loving huh? When do you suppose the last time was a hunter threatened the life of a non-hunter. Never. Know why? Because hunters have respect for life. And, because hunting takes skill, dedication and hard work and teaches one how to deal with failure as most days afield end with nothing more than a pure experience and appreciation for the beauty of the wild, hunters are repeatedly humbled. Being humble is good. To be clear success, i.e., a dead animal is rare for most, so a hunter spend most days learning and becoming more well-rounded. For those that don’t know, for a hunter the kill is not the true reward, it’s the pursuit and the journey. If blessed with success, the animal is cherished because it means meat in the freezer. Thusly, hunting also teaches honor. While conversely, making on-line death threats is cowardly. Either way, for me messages like this are telling. With no honor, hard-earned success or out-of-your-comfort-zone living, one can get spoiled and soft. When someone like this sees something they don’t understand, like or agree with they throw a tantrum and say things like, “I’ll kill you…” Makes me even more #proudtobeahunter PS, don’t worry I’m not “down” from receiving messages like this. Not in the least. I post it to educate and hold people accountable that break the law by making on-line death threats.”

It is not a surprise to us, that when faced with a serious death threat from an anti-hunter, that he responded the way he did. Way to go Cam – Keep hammering!


Californian Salmon and Trout May Not Exist Much Longer

Majority of Salmon species will become extinct (caltrout.org)

According to a report by California Trout, a large majority of salmon and trout will become extinct in the next half decade. In the 2017 report, it is outlined that 45% of these beautiful fish will indeed become extinct to California. This report is eye-opening and sheds light on how fragile our ecosystems really are.

Read the report here.

Gear & Equipment:

Need Gear? Go Check Out REI’s Anniversary Sale!



REI is having their anniversary sale and we see some great deals on their website. From May 19th to May 29th, you can save up to 30% off on the listed items. It’s online and in-stores so don’t feel like you have to do your shopping all online! Go into your nearest REI and try things on. We always recommend looking and playing around with the gear before you buy it!



A photographer’s Instagram we love is @fordyates . He has absolutely amazing content and is extremely talented. His portfolio is nothing short of amazing. Check out his work and website to see for yourself.

Photo Credit: Ford Yates

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