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Muddy Morning Coffee: 5/29/17

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The Opportunity – A Project Upland Film

Presented by:  The Ruffed Grouse Society

Last week, we featured Project Upland’s short film trailer for 2017. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be featuring their epic short films series. This particular short film follows Regional Biologist Meadow Kouffeld from the Ruffed Grouse Society. Set with a beautiful and colorful background of a fall woodcock hunt, Meadow shares her thoughts on conservation, stewardship, and the value of time out in the woods. The short film definitely captures the serenity and peacefulness of being out in the woods with a shotgun in hand, a loyal bird dog, and the occasional flush of a wild bird.



Film photography down to its core is the complete analog method of capturing a photograph. No batteries required in most cases – just a lot of patience, chemicals, and more patience. Understanding the basics of how a film camera will not only give you a better understanding of photography, but improve your digital game as well. This short video, among others in the series “Introduction to Film Photography” by Ilford explains everything you need to know about film, formats, settings, and even processing your film. Check it out!


Every Hunter’s Dream: A Mobile Tiny Log Cabin

Tiny house movement – A super small home on wheels or built on the back of a trailer/hauler. It takes a certain type of person to be able to live their lives in one of them. However, make it a tiny log cabin with a hunting theme to it – and every hunter is going to dream about having one in the woods come fall! Check out the video and see what you think!


A Deliberate Life by Rockhouse Motion

Before Muddy Shutter Media was started, we looked to many sources for inspiration. Rockhouse Motion was a company that we followed closely and whose work inspired us, among many others, to share our own stories. A Deliberate Life is a short film that goes to the core of what makes the outdoor, hunting, and fishing people tick. It is the lifestyle and mentality portrayed in this short film that has us nodding our heads and applauding that someone has captured what we all feel in words and visuals.


Listen to the River by Wild Confluence Media

Summer is soon upon us and many of us will start to pack our canoes, kayaks, and rafts in search of adventure. Grab some friends and watch this short film from Wild Confluence Media. It is sure to pump you up for what’s in store for you in the wilderness. Good ice-cold beer, soothing (or not so soothing) sounds of the on-coming rapids, and great friends. Life on the water is a good life.

Happy paddling!


Gear & Equipment:

A Backcountry Photographer’s Must-Have: The GNARBOX!

The GNARBOX is extremely compact and can store up to 128 GB of full-res files (GNARBOX.com)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly lost your camera or dropped it into a rushing river mid-trip? How you would be totally done for should you lose your hard-earned photos that your clients are expecting when you get back from your week-long backcountry trip? Well – don’t sweat it any longer! Introducing the GNARBOX, the answer to backing up your data without the use of a laptop. Another perk is that you can edit images and even 4k (yes, 4k…) videos on your phone! Head over to GNARBOX.com for more detailed specs and videos on this amazing device.

Small and compact, it is a god-send for any photographer (Digitaltrends.com)


This week’s featured Instagram handle is:


A Still shot from the short film “Dr.Duck” (Canaoutdoors.com)

These talented individuals are responsible for some of the coolest, hair-raising short films and visuals in the hunting industry. Be sure to check out their Vimeo channel too!

Photo Credit: Cana Outdoors

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