Muddy Morning Coffee: 6/5/17


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The Reward – A Hunter Mentor Film



Another film in the 2017 series of Project Upland’s epic shorts. This one particularly is one of our favorites. In our opinion, conservation’s greatest tool is the hunter him/herself. Ensuring that there are others to carry on the torch from generation to generation is of utmost importance and is one of the reasons why mentors in the field are so important. We truly believe that Project Upland is doing a magnificent job showcasing the upland world as well as educating and inspiring potential hunters. Give it a watch!



Cut Your Editing Time in Half with Mango Street Labs



One thing that people always underestimate in a photographer’s daily duties is editing. Editing will usually make up about 50% – 75% of your time if you’re lucky! From running around to meet clients, taking care of the books, to the actual shoot. Editing is what stands between you and the deliverables. So why not learn to cut that time in half? Mango Street Lab and their Youtube channel has a plethora of videos that will help you everything from editing workflows to social media tips. We highly recommend browsing through their channels and watching a few! It might up your game!


Deer Found Shot and Taped to Road Sign

Warning: Graphic Image


In a world of respectful hunters, fishers, and outdoors people – there are some that are not so respectful. Some are even down-right sick. This photo and article surfaced a few days ago with the Georgia DNR asking for leads on the illegally shot deer which was then dressed, sat on a chair, and duct-taped to a road sign.

We’re sure that many hunters out there are shaking their heads and hoping that the general public and anti-hunters will not use this as ammo. The animals that we harvest deserve the utmost respect – from field all the way to the table.

Game wardens urge the public to share in hopes to generate leads.

If you have any information that will help the DNR in locating the person or persons that did this please call (912).850.8703 or contact the Coffee County Sheriffs Officer at
Anonymous Tip Line (912)383-8477(TIPS)



Great White Shark Attacks Kayaker


We’ll just leave this right here as it needs no explanation. Makes you cringe a bit thinking about the next time you’re in your kayak…



Andy Best + Treeline Outdoors = Adventure


If you need something to watch early in the week and just about every day during the week – here it is. The cinematography, music, and voice over definitely send you daydreaming about your next adventure out in the wild. Cheers to Andy Best & Treeline Outdoors!


Gear & Equipment:

The InReach Explorer+



 If you spend a lot of time in the back-country or any part of the world with no cell service – you should probably get one of these. They offer loved ones and yourself the peace of mind that should something happen to you – you have a backup plan.
Here are some reviews below:


This week’s featured Instagram handle is:



In honor of his interview this past Sunday, we’ve featured Anthony’s Instagram handle. Be sure to give him a follow if you’re into gun dogs and upland hunting.

Photo Courtesy: Anthony Ferro



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