Muddy Morning Coffee: 6/19/17


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DU Films: Father’s Footsteps


A day late for Father’s Day, but we figured it was still worth posting anyway! Ducks Unlimited started their “DU Films” series a few years back, and it is a highly anticipated thing for us! Rock Road Creative does an amazing job – every single time. This short film in particular focuses on the beautiful relationships that are formed and strengthened out there in the field. Check it out and hopefully you have a box of tissues nearby!



The Canon 6D Mark II is Coming Back!



The 6D Mark II is rumored to be back in July! (Canon Rumors)


According to Petapixel via Canon Rumors, the full-frame Canon 6D will be making its comeback sooner than everyone thought! The enthusiast/pro 6D camera body was popular among its users for balancing a full frame sensor, relatively cheaper cost, and likeliness to its more expensive counterpart – the 5D. If you are looking to upgrade your current kit from an entry level DSLR or mid-level, a 6D is always a good step up – without losing a limb. Check out the article by Petapixel here.



Will Hunting and Fishing Ever Cease Being an American Tradition?



Hunting and fishing has long been apart of our nation (Wikimedia Commons)


An article was posted a few days ago on Wide Open Spaces by Travis Smola regarding the future and longevity of our hunting and fishing way of life. Is it truly becoming a waning part of American life? A few statistics that were thrown in there has us scratching our heads a little and wondering what everyone else has – Why are there so few left? Give it a read here and see what you think.


450 Pound Black Marlin Eaten by Shark


Although it was uploaded in 2006, hence the relatively bad quality, this footage is just plain cool. Situations like these remind us that there is a food chain out there and it is a constant fight for survival out in the wild!



Dog Power Movie Trailer


At Muddy Shutter Media,  it’s not a secret that we love dogs and have an unhealthy obsession with them. Pair them with any outdoor activity where they can come along or even partake in? We’re interested. German Shorthaired Pointers competing alongside their human teammates skiing? – SOLD. Take our money!

Check out the full site here and support Dog Power Movie 2!


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