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Modern Huntsman: Volume One

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A publication with a mission to improve the perception of hunting in our society through telling honest stories in a fresh format.


Since the start of Muddy Shutter Media, we’ve always looked to the hunting, outdoor, and sporting communities for inspiration and motivation. The amount of quality and depth in the content that we collectively saw everyday was absolutely breathtaking.

Artist, photographers, and influencers such as Chris Douglas and Charles Post inspired us constantly to create authentic and genuine stories and visual imagery of our outdoor pursuits.

Enter Modern Huntsman.

What started as an aggregation of visual imagery from some of the best social media influencers and content creators – quickly evolved. Now, they’ve successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their very first Bi-Annual magazine!

Our words simply can’t do it justice, so we’ve included a video from Modern Huntsman below:



The Team


The Contributors

Featured Contributors

Conceptual Magazine Imagery & Layouts







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