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Yeti & Orvis Present: Andy

Every now and then, there’s content out there that simply resonates with you and you find yourself nodding your head with each passing second.

Ever since I decided to turn photography and videography into a career, people (specifically hunters and anglers) have constantly asked me what it was like to have your hobby be your dream job.

I’ve found that it was quite hard to explain – and sometimes I couldn’t. You see, people have a common misconception that it’s a job without stress, complications, and loads of fun – all the time. However, like this video, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The days spent at home are few, the time spent with my wife and dogs are short, and I find that I miss my own days afield hunting and fishing. Weekends are quickly booked up and my nights filled with editing.

I find it sort of ironic that what seemed like a career that would afford me more days in the field – was actually the complete opposite.

On the flip side of that, I’ve been blessed to see many amazing things, meet absolutely phenomenal individuals and groups, and shared in many great memories.

I’m sure that many photographers, in any niche, can relate to this short film. It reminds us of why we do it and to always have a balance in life – regardless of what your career may be.


Disclaimer: The author,Muddy Shutter Media Group, and it’s associates have no affiliation with Yeti Coolers, Orvis, or related associates nor is the author compensated for the sharing/posting of this content.


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