• TEDx Talk: Two Views

    Everyday, many people will ask photographers hundreds if not thousands of questions on gear, settings, and lighting. The conversations are had, back and forth, between which camera is rated better, has more mega-pixels, etc.

    However, we seldom ask the question: “What’d you see in that photograph that made you capture it? What did you see at that very moment that inclined you to bring your eye up to the viewfinder?”

    This TEDx Talk dives right into the perspective of a photographer and what we usually see is not only the subject – but ourselves as well.

  • Gear Review: ALPS OutdoorZ – Bino Harness

    As one of the first product extensions to our very popular and successful Extreme line, the Bino Harness X is the perfect companion for your optics. Designed to keep the pocket close to your chest and reduce the amount of movement you’ll feel in your optics. Constructed using 1680D ballistic nylon fabric, the Bino Harness X is as tough as you and ready for any hunting environment. A lens cloth is included, and the design features an easy to use one handed opening mechanism for quick access.

  • Gear Review: Alps OutdoorZ – Commander Pack + Bag

    The Commander X + Pack is a complete system for the multi day backcountry hunter. The combination of an internal frame meat hauling pack with a detachable 4000 cu in pack bag offers the ability to pack in gear to a spike camp and haul out meat when the task is completed. The Commander X frame has lashing system that incorporates a compressed wing system and a lower shelf to secure loads to the frame. The pack bag can then be reattached with a series of compression straps over the load. When the meat-hauling frame is not needed the pack bag attaches to the frame with zippers for a secure fit to the frame for a comfortable carry. The frame is comprised of dual aluminum stays with channeled high-density polyethylene frame for rigid carry.

  • Gun Dogs of Summer 17′

    Whatever kind of dog you own, train, hunt over, or just plain love – we wish everyone the very best this hunting season. Here’s to muddy paws, tired legs, and full straps!

  • Moonrise

    As is often the case, there is a flip side to the “day-hiking coin” -a world often left unexplored and unsurveyed.  Read on as I attempt to paint a picture for you of the hiking we many times overlook and even cast aside.

  • Modern Huntsman: Volume One

    ” From the mountains of the American west to the fields of south Texas, the savannahs of East Africa to the governmental councils on conservation, Volume One will cover a diverse range of topics, all unified by common ethics. Woven together, it will begin to illuminate our collective philosophy, both drawn from wisdom past, and knowledge yet to come. “

  • The Elk Woods of Montana

    Check out our latest blog post! The team heads to Montana for the opener of the elk archery season. Grueling temperatures, wildfire smoke, and silent elk made for a challenging hunt. Chasing the Wapiti is not easy – as they seem to disappear and reappear in the alpine forest in the blink of an eye.

  • How Do You Hunt? – A Drake Short Film

    Check out Drake’s new short film “How Do You Hunt?” highlighting the product testing and development by Drake’s Guardian Elite Team – these professional guides, dog trainers, outfitters, and hunters push product testing to new heights. Be sure to go over to Drake and check out the Guardian Elite Series, as well as their revamped site, before the season comes – that’s when you’ll need it!

  • An Interview with JC Bosch of No Limits Kennels

    Usually, when the average person thinks of dog training, two things pop up in their minds. Either a fast-charging German Shepherd Dog chomping down on a man in a pillow suit or a some sort of canine on a leash following a human around a classroom learning how to ‘sit’ and ‘roll over’. Now, tell that same person about training a dog to hunt any kind of animal and that’s sure to raise some curiosity – not to mention a few questions.

    Bird dog training has always been (and probably will always be) a world of its own. Like any training, of any sort, the means and methods will differ from trainer to trainer. However, it all boils down to one thing, training a dog to do something it was naturally meant to do – hunt.

  • Dogs with No Limits

    A look into the world of top-notch Kansas bird dogs,golden wheat fields, and wild birds. These hard charging four-legged creatures will put anyone in awe as they display their prowess in the field.

  • Oh Brother – A Flyfishing Short

    Andy and his little brother, Quy, grew up fishing any waters they could get their feet into – regardless of if it held fish or not. The act of fishing, to them,has always been a sacred ritual since they were children. As they spent more and more time with each other on the water, they realized that fishing was more about the bonds, memories, and relationships that you form – catching fish was just the by-product. Two decades later, the same still remains true, as fishing holds a special place in their lives and hearts. As they grew up, they learned through each other, that special bonds are forged on those waters – and those bonds do not grow old with age.

  • How To Start Hunting at A Later Age: The Do’s & Dont’s

    Many of hunters that we find afield today have been hunting since they were toddlers. Toting a Daisy BB in the old forest or trying their hand at traditional archery.Usually, these activities are introduced and ingrained under the supervision of their elders. An aging grandparent with years of wisdom or a loving father or mother nearby to nurture the lessons of sportsmanship.

    However, there are the few hunters who were less fortunate and got into hunting much later in life.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee: 6/19/17

    Get your weekly dose of the Muddy Morning Coffee.

  • Shop Talk: 10 Tips to Starting a Photography Business

    There comes a time in a photographer’s career where the path splits into two – hobbyist/enthusiast or professional. There are a few things that are always good to keep in mind as you switch over from a hobbyist to a professional.

  • The All-American Bino Harness Review

    “All hunters have a piece or pieces of gear that they consider to be a must have, whether that be a trusty old folding knife or some modern electronic gadget. For me, a quality pair of binoculars is a must have for any hunter! Whether your perched high in a tree stand looking over the whitetail woods or glassing up some elk in the rugged Rocky Mountains – a good pair of binoculars can make or break a hunt. Although, just owning a set of quality glass isn’t the only important thing, I believe the manner in which you carry that glass is equally important. Having a $1000 pair of binoculars means very little if they are always stuffed deep down inside a backpack during a hunt, or sitting on the cabin shelf. They should be out and accessible so they may be used to their full potential.”

  • Muddy Morning Coffee: 6/5/17

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  • An Interview with Anthony Ferro of Fetching Feathers

    There are people who love to hunt over dogs and then there are people who LIVE to hunt over dogs. Bird hunting, especially upland, has a special niche carved into the outdoor industry. It is in this niche that we find a truly special combination of hard-running dogs, flushing birds, and the camaraderie of shotgun-totting hunters. This lethal combination sinks its teeth deep into you and doesn’t let go. We’ve met one such individual and he just happened to start a business that is thriving in this beautiful sport we call upland hunting.

  • One Year Later

    As time ticked on, the sun got lower and lower in the sky, and the temperatures finally started to drop. We found ourselves perched on top of a glassing point where we could see multiple open grassy areas – it looked like perfect turkey habitat. I was making a call here and there, but nothing was answering my calls. It was later in the season and I was worried that the birds were getting call shy from being called to all season long.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee: 5/29/17

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  • Muddy Morning Coffee: 5/22/17

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  • An Interview with Signs West Media (Pt.1)

    Okay…Have you ever thought to yourself –

    “I’m just going to quit my job, pack my truck, and get the heck out of here!”

    Well , if you ever needed a resource or inspiration, meet Seth Morris and Rick Hutton! These two gentlemen did just that!

  • An Interview with Signs West Media (Pt.2)

    Last week, we posted the first part of Signs West Media’s interview with Seth Morris and Rick Hutton. We loved the content and talking to these two so much, that we felt it was necessary to split it into two parts! Be sure to go give them a follow on their respective instagram handles @signswest & @rhuttonjr.
    Throughout this year, we’ll be featuring their work in anticipation of our collaboration this upcoming elk season in Montana.

  • Gear Review: Benchmade – Saddle Mountain Knife

    Never doubt a Benchmade knife. They’re the real deal! Check out our quick review and endorsement of this great knife.

  • Gear Review: Alps OutdoorZ – Upland Game Vest X

    “The Upland Game Vest X is the newest addition and category extension for our very successful Extreme line of packs. The Upland Game Vest X is the perfect accessory for upland game hunting, and includes a bevy of innovative features. The shoulder straps are ultra thin for maximum shooting comfort, and two front shell pockets are large enough to accommodate an entire box of shells each. Two flip down gun rests are included, as well as a lightweight vented back and waist belt construction.”

  • An Interview with Emily Denson – Bison Coolers

    Check out our interview with Emily Denson from Bison Coolers! If you haven’t heard of them yet, well now you have! Bison Coolers is a leading cooler manufacturer and innovator based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Gear Review: Alps OutdoorZ – Big Bear X

    “Based on the wildly popular Big Bear from our ALPS OutdoorZ line, the Big Bear X is an upgrade in all facets of the design. Constructed using 1680D ballistic nylon and featuring Hypalon at the stress points, this pack is tough and durable. Featuring a hidden day pack that can be rolled into the lid of the lumbar pack, this pack is really two packs in one. A molded foam waist belt and removable, adjustable bow hanging hook round out the design on this very comfortable, versatile pack.”

  • A Day at Rosehill

    A photo story captured by our good friend Joshua Jacques.Upland hunting at the historic grounds of Rosehill in Virginia. Hunting over german shorthaired pointers and the tall golden fields.

  • Gear Review: Gerber Multi Tool

    Gear review of Gerber’s Suspension Multi-Tool. Gerber crafted a long history of being affordable and reliable. We decided to see for ourselves!

  • Hunting Fabled Waters

    As we closed in on the island we were supposed to hunt on, a lone Sika bugled into the night. As if to signal our arrival, the creature continued to let out the deafening call.It’s bugle faded onto the bay as we pulled up our canoe onto muddy shores. The tide was high and our hunting ground was almost submerged, save for a large patch of marsh grass. We piled our gear out of the canoe and waded onto dry land.

  • Stoeger Uplander: An affordable side-by-side?

    Cheap, affordable, and budget – usually those words don’t ever go together with a side-by-side shotgun. I’ve never owned a SxS before as my other shotguns have always served their respective purposes of bringing in game. However, as I was in the market for a “truck gun” I thought to myself that it would be worth it trying to debunk this age old myth:

    “There is no such thing as an affordable side-by-side shotgun.”

  • Just a Muddy Day Out

    Some days…you just want to get out and romp around in the mud with your pup.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – September 27th

    Ducks cupping into the spreads, the sound of deer quietly making its way through the forest, and the thundering of flushing upland game. What isn’t there to like about fall?

  • Dominicana in B & W – Pt.1

    A few black and white images captured from the Dominican Republic. I haven’t shot from my 35mm film camera in awhile and I miss it incredibly. Black and white images capture and focus more on form, emotion, and composition – all things that I still need to work on as a growing photographer.

  • Busboys of the Sea

    “I am the busboy of the sea, men like me usually do not own the boats we work. Tips and a chance for fish for our families. It is not like sport fishing in America, if it was…I would be a rich man.” he said pointing his index finger into his chest.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – August 24th

    What started as a simple vacation in the Dominican Republic, turned out to be a humbling and solemn experience on the other side of tourism.

    Beyond the walls and facade of gigantic five star hotels and the sea of entitled foreigners, lies a beautiful country with much more to offer than all-inclusive beach resorts and endless pina coladas.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Use a Digital Watch for Hunting

    Many hunters & outdoorsmen/women, including myself, are guilty of relying on their phones for a plethora of everyday things. In a tech-driven world, it can make your life much easier. Scouting during your lunchtime on Google Earth, jotting down GPS points into your memo app, reconfirming season dates, and checking bag limits from a PDF you tucked away in your phone. One cannot deny it – It definitely makes us more efficient and informed hunters.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – July 25th

    Vegetables are coming up, dogs are panting non-stop, and the ticks are out in full force!

  • A Cast at Riverbend

    The boys head down to North Carolina for the weekend. The winding rivers nestled between the Blue Ridge mountains made for a beautiful backdrop. Dogs, good friends, and a cast at Riverbend.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – July 11th

    A weekend bolt down to the Blue Ridge mountains left us pretty worn out today, but holy crap was it worth it. Swimming pups, cold beer tucked in our waders, and the swishing of neon fly lines stayed fresh in our minds as we made our way back to Washington, DC late Sunday. It’s safe to say that we were left longing for more of those misty mountains.

  • A Winter in Patagonia – Pt.2

    At some point we had to poke around with our hiking poles just to find a rock to step on. What was originally a 2 hour trek turned into an all day ordeal. We ended up making the decision to climb Nieto which offered us an amazing view of the torres. It seems like guide-only trails offer the best seats in the house.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – June 22nd

    The summer is in full swing now and we are all out and about! We’ve been blessed these last few days with amazing weather. We’ve got a couple of awesome post in the pipeline and we hope you are excited as we are!

  • A Winter in Patagonia – Pt.1

    However, we quickly ran into a problem, we were going in July – the Patagonian winter.While July meant swampy heat and humidity for Washington, it was the exact opposite for Chile & Argentina. High winds, snow, freezing temperatures, and the hibernation of the tourist infrastructure made for a difficult problem.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – June 6th

    Here in the city, it has become very common to label one’s success and importance by the amount of “stress” one has. This past weekend, I decided to finally write about a trip that I took a few years ago where the people I met completely changed my outlook on one’s worldly problems and “stress”.

  • Savage Model 24v: A Versatile Field Gun

    This neat little gun is capable of chasing deer, small game, and game birds – at the same time. Chambered in .357 Magnum and 20 Gauge, it packs a lot of punch in the versatility arena.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – May 24th

    Rain, mud, and shotguns. It sure feels like spring. The team shakes off some rust before the shooting leagues start up.

  • He’s a Hunter

    He’s reminded me that hunting is not about toting the latest gadgets nor shooting limits. It’s about the experiences and relationships that you unknowingly forge in the time that you spend doing so…

  • Gear Review: Filson Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest

    A Gear Review for the Filson Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest.

  • Muddy Morning Coffee – May 9th

    Dodging rainstorms for a chance to fly fish western Maryland and review a fine piece of Filson equipment. I guess rain isn’t so bad.

  • About a Creek

    Over time, as we grew older and our lives got busier, the stream grew to be a background in our lives. However, we never truly had the heart to say our goodbyes to it, as the stream would always hold a special place in our memories.

  • IWLA: Spring Cleaning

    A light mist had come and gone earlier this morning, leaving behind a watery haze in the air. The chapter house was teeming with activity as everyone got organized into small armies to tackle their respective jobs on the farm.

  • Friends to a Fire

    A bonfire on a crisp night, it’s pretty much all you need. Throw in some beers, the odd medley of cigars, a couple of slowly cooked birds, and suddenly things will seem to slow down.

  • The River Flows North – Part Two

    It was too early to worry anyway and we had a few miles to cover before we reached Fort Kent for breakfast. It was a foggy morning, but the air was nice and cool as we pulled our heavy canoes into the water.

  • Garden Series: April 2016

    It’s time to plant some veggies.

  • Racks Only

    To any man that loves the outdoors, the thought of having mile upon mile of open land to wander on is an absolute dream. A dream that quickly becomes reality as you watch the sunrise from a high ridge.

  • The River Flows North – Part One

    Last night was freaking terrible. In our haste to set up camp, we pitched the tent too close to the river. The water from the storm quickly turned our tent into a water bed.

  • Roughing it on the River

    It was a cold and moonless night in November as we slipped our ragged Old Towne Canoe into the ice waters of the Potomac.

  • Strays of Patagonia

    “…I wish I could have flown them all back with me because to this day I can still feel the heartache of leaving these guys behind.”

  • When the Mercury Drops

    We love the mixed smell of dark coffee, gunpowder, and muddy waters in the morning…

  • The Small Things in Life

    Time seemed to slow down and eventually I lost the concept of time altogether. It seemed to me, that in moments like these, God was truly present.